Welcome to JodieRichardBohman.com!  I am a first time author and just recently published a novel called And I Believe.  This is a story that deals with the rebuilding of life after a heartbreak.  It then blossoms into a love story between two people that many could only dream of having.  When life couldn't get any better, they receive news that will test just how strong their love really is. 

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This book is dedicated to my good friends Holly McEldowney and Marcia Davidson and everyone else, who have fought a long and hard battle with cancer.  This is for you not giving up, even during those times when you may have wanted to. 

This is also dedicated to my father-in-law Fred Bohman and coworker/fantastic teacher Stacy Mortensen and to the millions of others, who have unfortunately lost their battle with cancer.  You will always be remembered and never forgotten.

 Life is a gift

A gift from God

A gift to be treasured

All day long

Life doesn’t end

When we’re gone

Life goes on

Way beyond