Welcome to JodieRichardBohman.com!  I am a first time author and just recently published a novel called And I Believe.  This is a story that deals with the rebuilding of life after a heartbreak.  It then blossoms into a love story between two people that many could only dream of having.  When life couldn't get any better, they receive news that will test just how strong their love really is. 

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Where do I even begin . . . first, I want to start off by giving a BIG thank you to my friend Susan McEldowney.  It is no exaggeration when I say Susan has read my book at least three different times, from beginning to end.  She read my very first, hot off the press, extremely “green” copy when I first finished it and then again after it was edited for the first time and AGAIN after that.  She has listened to all of my crazy ideas (and believe me there have been a lot) and has always given me her honest opinion.  My book wouldn't have turned out the way it did without her.


Next, I want to thank my really good friend/photographer Denise Ruhenkamp.  I dreamt my book cover idea (no lie) and then described this to Denise, who somehow understood me.  She took the picture at Heritage Park in Versailles, which is the same park mentioned in my book, and it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.  She also took all of the pictures for my website and has shared many ideas to help me with this entire process.


Another thank you goes to my niece, Kati Bohman.  Kati was a graphic design student at the University of Cincinnati when I first asked her to design my cover.  On her first try, she designed it the way I had it envisioned in my head and it turned out great.  I would also like to acknowledge Kecia Flaute, another graphic designer friend of mine, who put a few finishing touches on it before it went to print.


I will probably miss some people, but I have to mention the 20+ friends who read my book (the “hot off the press and very green” version) and gave me their honest opinions – some nice, some not so nice.  J  That’s okay though.  I listened to all of their suggestions/criticisms and if I agreed, I changed my story accordingly.  If I felt it would take away from what I was trying to say, then I didn’t.  So here goes . . . thank you to Mom, Jeffie, Julie, Denise, Holly, Beth, Jennifer, Kris, Becca, Pam, Shelly, Tina, Mandy, Amy, Janeen, Jan, Sony, Julie, Connie, Martha & Aunt Patty (Susan's mom and aunt), Susan, Susan, and Susan. 



This book is dedicated to my good friends Holly McEldowney and Marcia Davidson and everyone else, who have fought a long and hard battle with cancer.  This is for you not giving up, even during those times when you may have wanted to. 

This is also dedicated to my father-in-law Fred Bohman and coworker/fantastic teacher Stacy Mortensen and to the millions of others, who have unfortunately lost their battle with cancer.  You will always be remembered and never forgotten.

 Life is a gift

A gift from God

A gift to be treasured

All day long

Life doesn’t end

When we’re gone

Life goes on

Way beyond